The Success of the seed company is correlated with the consistency in the quality. Obviously, Quality Assurance Department is the backbone of the seed business.

Quality Assurance Department functions at farm level to ensure the genetic purity during seed production and second wing i.e., Seed Testing Laboratory ensures the Physical purity, Germination, Viability/Vigour, Seed Health and the ‘n’ number of Qualitative parameters.

We are strictly adhered to maintain the Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards and also ISTA norms. Once the samples goes through stringent testing activities and qualifies in all the parameters then only released for the marketing.

A well established Seed Testing Laboratory with ultra-modern equipments with all facilities, trained and dedicated manpower are the strength of the Quality Assurance Department of Ajeet Seeds Private Limited. To maintain the sanctity of seed quality, obviously Quality Assurance Department is working round the clock with due emphasis on Physical Purity, Seed Health, Germination, Viability/Vigour tests, Genetic Purity and Trait Purity as per ISTA standards.

Quality Assurance not only assures the quality of the seeds but also assures the quality during Processing, Treatment, Packing, Logistics and finally the dispatches to the market till it goes in the hands of the end user i.e., FARMER. It also ensures the performance in the farmer’s fields by visiting randomly to Re-reassurance and farmer’s satisfaction.

Research Centre, Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Research and Development (Crop Improvement for Biotic and Abiotic Stresses) ASPL has developed a state-of-the-art facility for research in biotechnology for crop improvement.

Protein Diagnostic Laboratory (ELISA/LFS)

DNA Diagnostic Laboratory (M-GOT, Hybrid Purity, Parental Line purity, DNA Fingerprinting)

Testing Services

DNA Testing services at PBRC include DNA based Hybrid purity (M-GOT), Line purity, DNA Fingerprinting etc.
ELISA Testing services at PBRC include detection of Bt-genes (Cry1Ac, Cry2Ab/Aa, VIP3a), RRF- CP4EPSPS using Double antibody Sandwich ELISA (DAS-ELISA) and Lateral Flow Strips (LFS)
Quality Policy and Objectives
NABL Scope of Accreditation

Diagnostic Testing Services

1.DNA Diagnostic Services (Testing) at PBRC

Sr.No DNA Diagnostic Services Service Code Details
1 GMO testing for presence of genetic materials (End point PCR method) ASPL-SRV-006 NABL accredited (Check crop list)
2 Determination of hybrid purity (Molecular GOT / M-GOT) ASPL-SRV-007 NABL accredited (Check crop list)
3 DNA Fingerprinting for crop plants ASPL-SRV-008 NABL accredited (Check crop list)
4 Parental line purity analysis using Molecular markers ASPL-SRV-009 NABL accredited (Check crop list)
5 Screening of Tomato for Tomato Yellow Leaf curl virus) (TY) using molecular markers ASPL-SRV-010 Project mode
6 Customized screening of germplasm for selective traits ASPL-SRV-011 Project mode, Check feasibility
7 Assistance in molecular marker assisted breeding ASPL-SRV-012 Project mode, Check feasibility

2.ELISA Diagnostic Services (Testing) at PBRC

Sr.No ELISA Diagnostic Services Service Code Details
1 Trait Purity (Cotton) by ELISA (Cry1Ac) ASPL-SRV-001 NABL accredited
2 Trait Purity (Cotton) by ELISA (Cry2Ab) ASPL-SRV-002 NABL accredited
3 Trait Purity (Cotton) by ELISA (CP4EPSPS) ASPL-SRV-003 NABL accredited
4 Quantitative ELISA for Cry1Ac ASPL-SRV-004 NABL accredited
5 Quantitative ELISA for Cry2Ab ASPL-SRV-005 NABL accredited

3.ELISA Diagnostic Services (Testing) at PBRC

Sr.No ELISA Diagnostic Products Product Code Details
1 Qualitative ELISA kit for Cry1Ac (05 plates) ASPL-001 Sample kits available
2 Qualitative ELISA kit for Cry2Ab (05 plates) ASPL-002 Sample kits available
3 Qualitative ELISA kit for Cry1Ac/Cry2Ab (05 plates) ASPL-003 Sample kits available
4 Lateral Flow strip for detection of Cry1Ac (50 Strips) ASPL-004 Sample kits available
5 Lateral Flow strip for detection of Cry2Ab (50 Strips) ASPL-005 Sample kits available
6 Lateral Flow strip for detection of CP4EPSPS (50 Strips) ASPL-006 Sample kits available