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Sameer Mulay

Managing Director

Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Limited(ASPL), the flagship of the "Padmakar Mulay Group of Companies" made a humble beginning on May 13, 1986, by bringing into the market premium quality seeds of cotton, pearl millet wheat, and sorghum. Over the years our repertoire has grown to encompass the complete spectrum of vegetables, corn, and rice.

Cutting-edge technologies in the areas of genetics, plant breeding, biotechnology, seeds processing, and marketing help us to achieve the objectives and as a result, bumper harvests, enhanced biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, improved nutritional qualities, and resource conservation.

The focus is on the development of hybrid seeds designed to meet the current and future national and international market demands. In the scenario where global climatic changes are an acknowledged fact, the Company resolves to further strengthen in developing crops that can cope with biotic and abiotic stresses, contributing to the improvement of the farmer's life quality, and national food and fiber security.

The emphasis is to take research developments to their logical conclusions viz; development of premium quality seed, their production, and finally distribution through an extensive and well-established marketing network. We are fully seized of the fact that research and development operations need to be supported by well-established research farms. ASPL has over 400 hectares of research farms in and around Aurangabad, 8 outstation locations, and 35 multi-location testing centers spread across the country. The containment facilities for transgenic and off-season crop cultivation put our research efforts on a fast track.

ASPL holds in its repository diverse germplasm of field and vegetable crops. This facilitates our research scientists to embark upon genetic enhancement and crop improvement programs. Over the years, the spectrum of seed production has expanded to okra, eggplant, hot pepper, rice, maize, sweet corn, tomato, cucumber, watermelons, onion, and gourds. The company has entered into research collaborations with international research organizations viz; ICRISAT, IARI, IIHR, CIMMYT, AVRDC, Kasetsart University, Thailand, IRRI, Philippines, and some private organizations in far SEA to further develop and produce field and vegetable crops.

ASPL is in a position to service cross-cultural demands and a plethora of cropping patterns in India. Our market presence has grown appreciably and the activities of Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd has extended and spilled over to its subsidiary seed company, "Arya Hybrid Seeds Ltd".

In the face of stiff global competition, the perseverance, patience, and dedication of our scientists, production, Processing, and distribution specialists, have paid off and the company has carved out its very own niche and achieved the position of a leader in the seeds industry. ASPL has commissioned modern seed conditioning plants at Chitegaon and Phulambri in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The company is now poised to launch its products in Europe and ASEAN countries.

The cornerstone of our growth and success is our human resources and sound financial governance. It is our bid to have in place well-established and efficient performance systems that encourage a congenial work environment and stability. ASPL bagged many awards out of which, The DSIR Award, Business Today Award, and India Bio Award were received for scientific Research, best Growing SME, and research in Bio-Tech. Happy Farmer is the biggest award for us.

The corporate office of the "Padmakar Mulay Group of Companies" is in Aurangabad and the head office of Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd is at Chitegaon, Suburban Aurangabad.

We aspire to scale new heights and ensure benefits for all.